3PL: Third party logistics
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DTM is in charge to provide full range of 3PL provider facilities. According to our customer needs we can help with any requested outsourcing services provided below:


A part of our supply chain management. We can provide professional distribution in Europe and Scandinavia.

Outsource accounting

Accounting nowadays is very straight and important procedure. Since LV has become the member of EU, regulations are frequently changing in order to unify and optimize fiscal policy. We have professional accounting department and cardinality to export our accounting service. That is why we are often asked by our Russian customers in possibility of financial assets outsourcing service. If such offer is applicable for you, we will fulfil.


Our customers get free consultations regarding any of logistic solutions.

Supply chain optimization

As 15 years in business, and Global Strategy Officer on board we are following the tendencies at the logistics and global trade market. Evaluating time, tendencies, and possibilities we can use our forces to optimize supply chain system to make your business more productive, competitive and profitable.

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